Tuesday, August 5, 2008

What do you mean I can't knit for the dog!?!

I went through a phase a while ago where I got seduced by the plethora of patterns that seemed to be everywhere you look for your pet, you know, the cute cabled jacket for a Jack Russell, the Bolero for the Boxer, that sort of thing. 'I'll knit for Max', I regaled to my husband one evening, 'You are always worried about him getting cold at nights, I'll knit him a coat'... Now once my husband picked himself up off the floor & stopped looking at me with bug eyes, he asked as seriously as he could 'Do they make patterns for Mastiffs?'
'Ummmmm, no haven't come across any, but I am sure I can make something up', which then led to my husband having enough at playing along with this 'whimsy' and declaring that there will be NO knitting for Max the Mastiff. Once I recovered from this knock back I had to seriously consider his point, Max was after all 102Kg's of adorable slobbering canine, did I really want to spend weeks fashioning a garment that would slobbered over, rolled about in & possibly destroyed after it's first outing. No I did not. So there it is, I sold my pattern book for dogs on Trade Me, my dreams of making Dr. Phil & Max matching Aran jumpers was dead & buried, I will just have to vent my knitting furies on the infant... I wonder if my brothers Boxer would like a coat for Christmas?


  1. My dog grew up wearing clothes, and he actually gets mad because during the summer it's too hot. I've put his wardrobe up for the season, but he still noses at where I stashed it. Great blog! I love it!

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  2. Max get's very attached to his blankets & hates it when I 'de-dog' them in the wash! Honestly he is more pitiful than the children!! Thx for your comment :-)