Thursday, June 18, 2009

Knitting without limits.

Max, Jim & Poppy - all will soon have their own knitted projects

Today Sophie & Poppy came to visit for lunch. Sophie anxiously picked up the needles for the first time since she Jim was small about 5 months ago wanting to knit something for Poppy. The project choice was a wrap around stocking stitch cardigan, quite ambitious for a beginner, but Sophie was not deterred. After completing the back, a few mistakes, trouble mastering when to knit, when to purl & issues with following the pattern, Poppy's project got shelved. I had also left her with a basic garter stitch tank top pattern which I had selected for her first attempt. One evening when she felt like trying again she cast on.

When I caught up with her last weekend she presented me with the tank top. She was having trouble getting Poppy to wear it as the fit was off in the front. She had run out of the aubergine yarn I had given her 3/4 of the way up the front & substituted with a novelty yarn. She felt defeated. Bugger this I thought, and armed with a pair of scissors, I freed the top from the novelty yarn & enquired about the cardigan (also started in the aubergine yarn). With back located, several cups of tea & chatting I was able to pick up the stitches & knit across the yarn from the defunct cardigan to the tank. Sophie was thrilled, reinvigorated she got going again, knowing that a successful end was in site. And what an end it was, Poppy arrived today with her tank on proudly which was finished beautifully. Sophie had embellished it with a contrasting blanket stitch around the neck, lazy daisies on the front & even a knitted ruffle!! I was blown away, but Sophie summed it all up when she said "well all I did was give it a go, what harm could it come too if I got it wrong"

BINGO! No one dies when you knit, there are really no rules, patterns are purely guidelines. To see someone like Sophie who has grasped this immediately & feel liberated when not constrained by a pattern, is inspiring. When she came wanted to add an element to her vest she borrowed a library book & nutted it out herself, learning by trial an error along the way. She even started a second tank using stocking stitch, a variegated yarn & taught herself bobbles to make it a bit more fun - Fearless!!

Now she has one completed project on the go, a second well on it's way to completion. She was utterly delighted when her 6 year old son asked her to knit him a 'spy' jumper, so she came round today to borrow a pattern book & for me to help source her some yarn, a job which is top priority tomorrow!

Basic Black Tank with Ruffled Neck
On my completion front I finished my black tank 2 days ago & have worn it for the last 2 days. Designed from scratch with all the measurements, tension swatches, and knit & measured as I went - the result is better that I anticipated, I know I will be getting plenty of wear out of this for the years to come.

Sophia's Freeform Organic Wrap
My other original design which has been developing organically for the last month was also completed, very fitting since it was using an organic yarn. It was inspired by adult designs I have seen & couldn't see why it wouldn't translate into a child's project. I just now hope it fits her, I will get her dad to take a pic & post it as soon as I get it.

Finally Dr. Phil got his new Winter overcoat today, and made mutterings that he should have bought a scarf to match - BOUGHT A SCARF!!! When I stopped spluttering in shock, he realised the error in his ways & a scarf for the dear doctor will be cast on this evening before he gets a chance to get the plastic out again - Buy a scarf indeed!

Monday, June 8, 2009

Bum Belches & Nose Poo's

The biggest land mark in this house in recent days has been Louis third birthday. THREE! I am sure sometimes in my sleep deprived haze it was only yesterday he was the tiny newborn that a terrified first time mother bought home. What a three years it has been. As I have blogged before Louis lives life on full volume, life with Louis is a real roller coaster, especially in the last nine months.

However for those of you out there with hard core sub-woofing toddlers the onset of three has bought with it a mellowing, maturing and considerate Louis. A couple of months ago at my wits end I contacted the Kindy that Louis was enrolled in & in sobs down the phone asked for help. All other early childhood health avenues & had spoken to all said the same "once he gets to kindy you'll see a change", but unfortunately I couldn't wait for that magical third birthday, I need help there & then. Enter Virginia. My savior, Louis angel. An experienced kindy teacher who has owned her own centre, she now does a 'mini' kindy from home - perfect for Louis. After two months under her tutelage Louis has learned social & communication skills that has made it life vastly more peaceful. I now have a son who regularly uses pleases & thank yous, listens, follows tasks, loves & plays with his brother & is delightful in mixed company - what joy!

Keeping in theme on the needles I have three projects on the go. I am about 75% of my way through my Merino/angora black tank, I have one sock completed for a friend of my mothers (the second is about to be cast on), and today I will be finishing a wrap for my friends babes first birthday in the delicious organic Forever Green Elan Merino. So no more talking & more knitting!