Friday, August 1, 2008

The Price of Passion

There is a commerical on NZ television at the moment that quotes that 1 in 4 New Zealanders spend more on their hobbies that their families - surely not. That's one million kiwis who choose their own interests over those of their children & their loved ones. Initially I was quite shocked, but that was until I completed a survey that arrived in my inbox today. From Interweave Press, they were asking for feedback on their publications & services, now as a marketer myself, I always make time to complete these. One of the questions posed was what you spend each year on yarn, knit books, accessories blah, blah.... hmmmm now theres a question!

It's amazing what happens when you are faced with the realities of an addiction (see previous post), the good news for me was that I am NOT one of those one million kiwis who spends more on their hobby (what proportion of those are men methinks?) than their family, but I think that is largely due to the fact that my passion is one that can be saited relatively inexpensively. A recent purchase of bespoke sock yarn for $22 has been enough to keep me going for weeks (see pic Hugo dressed in his new vest made by the sock yarn), and I have also helped offset my yarn costs with doing work for my main yarn supplier.
It does make you think that in this tight economic climate when our discretionary dollar is under attack from sky rocketing petrol costs, the grocery bill getting bigger each week, (2 litres of milk is now more that $5), that finding extra cash for our hobbies seems virtually impossible, and yet according to this finance company on the tellie we manage to do it.
Well in defence of all knitters out there who maybe under fire, we have a craft that enables us to provide for the family in either monitary terms or in the form of being able to clothe our nearest & dearest. And if we are lucky enough to relatively recesesion proof, we can then knit for those who aren't so fortunate (see Mel Clarks blog at & see how you can contribute to NZ babies).
Right time to get my credit card out & go shopping!

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