Friday, June 13, 2014

On the Move...

Louis was thrilled we built him an operating theatre to pop jumbo bubble wrap in!
This week has signaled a milestone in the MacBuscke household.  Dr. Phil & I have been working away for several years on setting up larger premises for our ophthalmic practice.  It has meant finding just the right location and making alterations to house Napier Eye & from next month BEST - Bay Elective Surgical Theatre.
Now open for business at 2 Lamason Street, Greenmeadows
It's a small bespoke day stay theatre so we are able to take care of all our surgical needs in house: Cataracts, Plastic Surgery & therapeutic laser procedures will now all be done under one roof in Napier.

The Trademen's shout.
My last 6 months has been a blur of site meetings, tradesmen & suppliers, and today we finally received that all of important Code of Compliance - so come Monday, we're operational.  I'm delighted as now I get my focus back on Knit August Nights with less than 3 months until the event I have much to do.

Louis decorating his Minecraft birthday cake.
It's also been birthday time for Louis.  Of course he's been quite excited by "finally being a big boy" and had a series of play dates to mark the big occasion. In typical Louis fashion I received very specific instructions on how the weekend was to pan out, right down to him insisting on decorating his own birthday cake. He had a blast!
The Poplar Cowl complete in Silver Lining
In my last post I mentioned my flurry of pattern testing I have been doing for some independent designers.  That is still continuing with an embargoed test I am currently working on, but I have also found time to drift across to 'other side' and do a little crochet to mix things up a little.

The very retro & colourful crocheted blanket
Using up the collection of one, two and part balls I had accumulated with my recent knitting, I crocheted a very retro, giant granny square blanket.  I really enjoy doing a crochet project to break things up & a simple, classical design like this never ages.  It has me looking for other scraps & doing something with them or even resurrecting the 'scrumble' bag & using crochet to complete what was started in there over 8 years ago!

Patsy get's the last word.  "The Blankets Mine"