Monday, March 31, 2014

The Path Least Travelled.

Brando this morning when I dropped him off at Clifton Beach
Working for Skeinz, being 'accidental environmentalists' has meant we have crossed paths with some pretty inspiring people. One such person is Brando Yelavich.  This young Aucklander is well set on becoming the first person to completely circumnavigate New Zealand by it's coastline.

Brando with his two HB walking companions at the tip of Cape Kidnappers
Brando's journey stared last February at Cape Rienga & has taken him down the West Coast of the North Island, all the South Island (including the wild West Coast in the middle of Winter!) & yesterday I picked him up from Clifton Beach, on the Napier side of Cape Kidnappers.  For the two nights & day it will take him to walk the Napier stretch of Hawkes Bay, my family & I have had the extreme pleasure of having Brando in our home.
Just another of the breathtaking views at this stage of his journey
It is refreshing to meet such a bewitching & inspirational young man.  Brando is the definition of a global thinker.  His epic journey has given him a unique & personal experience with the grandeur, yet delicate nature of our NZ coastline, all whilst exuding the classic relaxed kiwi 'can do' attitude.
How could you resist these eyes!
As a sufferer of both ADHD & Dyslexia, Brando struggled within the conventional confines of education & started down some pretty 'rough' paths, but the true grit of this young man showed through when he decided to "clear his head & his life".  He said to my husband & I last night that if he was going to make a change, it may as well have been a BIG one!  Brando is a real "shoot for the stars" man.  He's hoping the experiences gained through this journey in his own "Coastal University" will help his future career prospects.  I have no doubt they will, his engaging personality, communication skills, sheer grit & determination & the ability to just get on with the job, will make him an asset to organisation lucky enough to snap him up once his odyssey is over.
Simply Stunning
With all this being said, Brando is still finding time to give back.  He's been fundraising for all three Ronald McDonald houses in NZ.  These are havens for families who have sick children, who need somewhere to stay whilst their loved ones are having treatment in one of the Tertiary medical hospitals in Auckland, Wellington & Christchurch.  So far he's exceeded his $10,000 goal, not surprising having met him.

My son's just engrossed in the photo's of his last few days
So - Thank You Brando for spreading your infectious spirit in our house.
If you want to Support Brando - click here to donate.
Want to follow Brando on his exploits - Click here.
But most importantly SHARE Brando's message with your own social media networks - spread the Brando spirit!

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Inspiration Station

It's so hard not to take ALL if it hone - Unwind 2014
What I love about this time of the year is that I can really start getting my teeth into all the fibrous projects I have lined up for the Winter.  It all kicks off with attending the Unwind Fibrecraft retreat in Dunedin.  This year it also coincided with my birthday, so I had double the fun.

I certainly Kept Calm & knitted on! - Unwind 2014
Unwind is the mental switching point for me being 6 months out from Knit August Nights. I get to catch up with tutors and traders and try to coerce them to return to Napier for their Winter knit fix.  It also give me a weekend of concentrated knitting to start projects for myself & the kids.
Simply Stunning - Unwind 2014
In true Louis fashion, he has not disappointed me in his very exactly requirements for his Winter jumper.  This year he has requested a hooded vest, the first time he has ever deviated from his perennial favourite, the Milo vest.  I am happy to oblige & with some careful adjustments am hopeful in coming up with something suitable.  I had some yarn put aside which I thought would be perfect - it was a random print with his prerequisite yellow content.  When I showed it to him, smug in my choice, he looked down his nose at it & deemed it 'adequate', but really he should be making his own choice.

What I thought was a dead cert winner - I was so wrong!
With hopes crushed I let him loose in the stash cupboard where he selected the most violently bright Hot Pink/Yellow/Neon Orange yarn. Fortunately I didn't have enough, but that didn't deter him.  This yarn was sign for torment, so I scrambled & had the epiphany to show him Byron Bay from the new 10ply random range at work.

Saved by Byron Bay
Fortunately it worked - "Hmmmm Mummy, that is ok" he approved of the bright parrot like colours & consented to me casting on.  Now I just have to go through the exercise again with very fashion conscience Hugo - Wish me luck!

But honestly - how can you say no to this gorgeous wee man.

Monday, March 10, 2014

Chasing Rainbows

Just another picture perfect evening over Ahuriri
 I can't believe it's been over a month since I have posted - woeful!  I could waffle on with excuse of how busy I have been (all true by the way), but I won't.  What I am most pleased about is that 2014 is proving to be vastly better than it's predecessor for the MacBuscke family, so life is good.

Renly taking time to recover from his sore paw last month
In fact a few milestones have been reached.  Renly Baretheon - Bulldog, turned one late in January.  He has certainly lived up to his Royal moniker, strutting around with as much gravitas as he can muster, even when he a sore paw.
Not a bad wee steak cooked for our anniversary dinner
Dr. Phil & I celebrated our ten year wedding anniversary.  I can't quite fathom where the decade has evaporated to, but 10 years, two businesses, two children & two pets later here we are.

Louis 'helping' with the painting of the new school mural
The start back to school has also bee excellent for both boy's.  Louis has finally found his groove with school and is the happiest we have seen him for a very long time.  All the hard work done by the school around understand Louis autism & it's associated friends has now meant we are all having a more relaxed time & my visits to the Principals office are now purely social.  Hugo on the other hand just loves all the social elements that school has to offer.  Being the arbiter of Hugo's social calender is a full time job & if he had his way he'd have play overs every afternoon & with sleep overs every weekend!

The cardigan for me is done in this fabulous blue.
I have been keeping the needles pretty busy the last few months.  I have just finished a cardigan for me for the winter in the most fabulous jewel blue & yesterday say the first of the knitting for the boys teachers completed.
The Ever After Cowl I have done for Hugo's teacher Ruby
This weekend I am at Unwind in Dunedin, so I have to finalise what knitting to take down south. I need to find that perfect combination of project - one that can be done whilst vast amounts of talking is taking place, and imbibing done.  Trust me, this is a much greater challenge than it sounds!