Monday, March 16, 2015

Making a full retreat.

Some of the yarns Skeinz had available at Unwind
As I compose this Tropical Cyclone Pam is bearing down on the east coast of NZ and here in Napier we are on the fringe of Pam's wrath.  Weather like this makes you want to retreat into your shell and wait the storm out, in my case with either knitting for spinning.  But no, I am at work watching the weather rapidly deteriorate desperate to get home where poor Hugo is 'Duvet surfing' with a nasty cold.

I was desperate to scan the QR code on this shawl at Unwind!
 It isn't all doom and gloom, I have been very lucky over the past two weeks to visit two fibre craft retreats.  Firstly Unwind in Dunedin and latterly this last week, the Creative Fibre Eastern region retreat.  As the creator of the Knit August Nights retreat I really value the importance of these events for those that a attend and the wider fibre craft community.

The stunning Sue Schreuder - She taught at Unwind and is also taking a class at KAN 2015
There is something very special about being able to gather together with like minded people, get inspired and energised.  Speak the same language - conversations that would be lost on a lay person are exciting and educational at the retreat.  That goes without mentioning all the other topics that get covered off... Like the knitwear in the Outlander TV series or what books we have been reading.

The efforts from my woven Crochet class - so much fun.
I love the fibre craft community as they are such a passionate bunch, they keep me coming to work week after week.  At Unwind I attended a class, the first I managed in years as I am always working within retreats to enjoy some class time.  It was brilliant.  I leaned a new technique marrying crochet and weaving together from Deb Moore at Stitch Seekers (Famous for the Men in Knitwear calendar and Outlaw yarn), something I am now itching to try out again on a project I had pegged using a more traditional for of crochet, this alone was worth attending the retreat for!

Creative Fibre HB Retreat - I so wanted to abscond with this wheel!
So if you have ever considered going to a retreat, but have never been brave enough - do it!  We have two amazing independent retreats in Unwind in Dunedin (March 5th - 7th 2016) and Knit August Nights right here in Napier (August 28th - 30th 2015), plus Creative Fibre frequently have retreats in their regions - contact your local delegate for more information.

Its compulsory to celebrate a birthday with Champagne!
This past weekend also saw me click over another birthday.  It was great to have such a mellow day, just before the storm hit.  Breakfast in bed and a few quiet drinks with friends that popped by.  It's nice to cherish the little things & appreciate all the wonderful well wishes received on the day.

Monday, March 2, 2015

Making a Splash!

Louis first time in a yacht - he was transfixed! 
Today marks the first day of Autumn & it leaves you pondering where on earth did Summer go.  This Summer has been stunning and it has been great to be able to get out with the boys and soak up all that the good weather has to offer, but also our wonderful Ahuriri play ground

Hugo takes the plunge

Both boys were fortunate enough to go to a birthday party last week of a school friend.  So what do you do when you have a party with over a dozen boisterous boys?  You get our in the sunshine & get wet!  This family are incredible, with eight sons of their own  (yes I did say 8), they put on the perfect boys adventure with all sorts of water activities, laughter, games and all finished off with homemade pizza and ice cream birthday cake.

Louis even had time to make a splash!
For me, the end of Summer signifies it is time to head south to Unwind in Dunedin.  KAN's sister event, Unwind is so much fun.  Similar, yet quite different - I love it.  I will be there with Skeinz yarns & I have also taken some time to take a class, something I never get to do at KAN, so I can't wait.  Dunedin has a fabulous energy, perfect for setting the vibe for my yarn based endeavours over the Winter months & also a mini break away from all thing motherly!

Renly attacks Summer like he does each day, each week & each month!