Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Dreaming of Island Time

I really miss this view!
Shit it's cold! Like really, really cold.  So cold that Renly refuses to go walkies and Louis is pretty much glued to the front of the fire.  I heard the Metservice calling the big chill this morning a one in 25 year event, all I know I would much rather be back in Rarotonga, which is where I was this time last month.
What more can you want - Good friends, good food, good wine!

This trip was the first time that we travelled with friends. It was great to be able to share our favourite spot, hang out, eat & chill.  Rarotonga is a foodies paradise & ironically I cook more when I am on holiday than I do when I am at home.  This is because time pressure is non existent, the fresh ingredients are incredible and there is something about creating a meal that speaks to the place you are in.
The awesome Te Manava - worth every penny
We stay at Te Manava villas in Muri beach.  These are perfect for those who are happy to be independent whilst on holiday.  The villas are all privately owned, so a bit like a posh book a bach of sorts.  The owners take great pride in making sure the villas are well equipped and Te Manava's managers Todd & Jane are just so unbelievably helpful should you require anything.

Just a few canapes with drinks
We also have some friends that live on the island, so it wasn't long that after a little foraging, a little shopping and a little gifting the larder was fully stocked.  Dinner was the centre piece meal of each day, which still left plenty of time to sneak out for a stunning coffee and cake at LBV in Muri.

In between all this cooking, eating, foraging and coffee drinking I also managed to get heaps of knitting done - this year was a collection of baby jackets, so quick, colouful and fun to knit up.
So as I sit here and shiver now, I can only daydream of trying to get back to island time... maybe next year eh?
Just a sample of the island themed knitting
The mouthwatering cabinet at Cafe LBV Muri
Just don't count calories! LBV Muri