Thursday, January 31, 2013

Stabbing Things with Needles.

A perfect Ahuriri morning to head out for a walk
I cast on my third WIP (work in progress) for the month last week.  After have a stellar completion rate over the festive season I have been struck with a chronic case of WIP whimsy.  I don't know what's come over me - made worse by the fact that at work today I just had to HAVE 5 balls of super chunky in the richest Cerise imaginable.

A Winter Cardi for me in a rustic Red Merino Possum
It all started out fairly innocently, after completing Hugo's new vest I promptly started the cardigan I  has planned for myself, in yarn I have had set aside for years.  Georgie Hallum, designer of the ubiquitous Milo has an adult cardigan called Miss Jane - the perfect little slip over everything cardi, one I could see myself thrashing this Winter.  On it got cast & I got cracking.
The chaos that is my Abstract Log Cabin Cushion
Then it happened, the quiet Sunday afternoon when I saw all the tweedy scraps that I had assembled & I looked at the tatty cushion on my bed & though "That could do with covering", next thing you know I had started on an abstract version of the Log Cabin pattern I enjoy so much. 

The Perfect wee pattern for Ella
And if that weren't enough, wee Ella, my go to 'baby girl' when I need a feminine fix, is turning two this weekend & that little 'knit nymph' in my brain pipes up again & declares "It's been far too long since you knitted something for that precious little girl, shame on you, shame on you" & Hey Presto!  I'm scrambling through the stash cupboard looking for something remotely suitable for a two year old little girl & project #3 is born.  At least knitting for a 2 year old is much quicker that a 6 year old, so after just a few days I am already knocking off the last sleeve & hope to get the sewing up completed tonight - a project completed.... then again I do hear that Cerise Super Chunky calling me......

Louis & I take 5 at a local Cafe & I sneak a few rows in.

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