Wednesday, December 10, 2014

How Many Sleeps Until Santa?

Hugo & Renly lapping up the Sunday morning sunshine
Hugo has asked me this almost every day.  If it isn't "How many sleeps until Santa" it is "How many sleeps until holidays?" or even  "How many sleeps until the weekend?" - for Hugo it's all about "The Sleeps".  He is starting to get so excited, he loves the festive season.  Getting the tree up, helping with my preparations, watching the slew of holiday movies & asking all those difficult questions like "What doesn't it snow here for Christmas?".

The boys getting their holiday movie fix.
Louis of course has a much more pragmatic view of the festive season.  We have already had to have the 'Santa Talk' to him.  You see, Hugo is still very much a believer, where as Louis refers to it as 'the Santa myth' made up by parents to bribe their children into being well behaved before Christmas.  He has held this belief since he was 4, he's now 8.  So when I said to him that I didn't have to worry about gifts from Santa for him this year, his reply "Stop being so ridiculous, I still want presents, you just don't have to lie about where they come from!" - Don't get me started on the tooth fairy.

Louis posing in his new vest, the yellow actually really suits him.
As well all the festive prep I have also found time to get a good whack of knitting done & have managed to dust the wheel off & do my first spinning since the 'broken claw' incident six months ago.  Louis Wasp vest from the previous post is completed and already worn with the cooler weather and I have cast on a chunky kimono top for me (well that's the plan at this stage).  I have also idly started crocheting another 'granny scrap' blanket, the perfect chill out project, and am eyeing up doing another Summer Cardigan for me - possibly in the new Stirling Alpaca from work.

The first skein of homespun since the 'Broken Claw'
The spinning has been great, so good to get the wheel back out.  I know spinning for me is a little like coal to Newcastle, but you can beat spinning for relaxation.  There is something almost trance like in the process, I really do enjoy it.  So with now 14 sleeps until Santa, I'd better get my skates on and keep moving!

A fun festive 'Rainbow' skein.