Monday, July 28, 2014

Surviving School Holidays

Renly giving Mummy the hardcore "wasn't me" face
 With the new clinic & theatre really starting to ramp up the opportunity to get away for the school holidays was not going to happen.  Just as well as the boys were both laid low with nasty colds & the absent Winter finally decided to show up, just in case we forgot what it was all about.

Hugo relishing his 'kid flu' - ipad in bed with mummy at beck and call!
So to get the most out of school holidays, which a not holidays at all for the parents, we worked on separation tactics for the boys - a holiday from each other, of sorts.  It never ceases to amaze me how much better behaved each one of our children are when the other is not present.

Louis Favorite cafe - The Boardwalk here is Ahuriri - he's secretly in love with Olive
With Nana running back up the first week, Hugo went visiting with a number of his friends & Louis having some "big boy" chill time, it was lovely to have some really good QT with each boy.  It has proven to us that it's not the going places that can reap the rewards, but the time put in wherever you are.

Thursday, July 3, 2014


Makes for a pretty dramatic X-Ray

Sometimes thing happen that tell you you just have to slow down. Like when you get so frustrated & angry at the Call Centre person (Expedia in this case) after having the most frustrating phone call imaginable & in your attempt to clear your anger & frustration you manage to dislocate & break your finger - yes know one of my finer moments I have to admit!
Very, very slow going

The problem with all of this of course for me being a knitter is that my technique is altered & well quite frankly I'm not getting a lot done - poo's!  So here I am, half way down the second sleeve of my current test knit & I am barely managing a dozen or so rounds a day - grrrrr.

Nana getting busy will treats for the KAN Goody bags
So I have had to turn my attentions to other pursuits.  Mum has been with us for the last week or so & she's been helping out with KAN preparations & keeping the house ticking over smoothly as Dr.Phil & I get the new practice up & running.  We have now done our cataract list (complete with me as the one handed hand holder) & Dr. Phil is so excited about getting more schedule very soon.

Nothing lightens the mood like a spot of 'Bench Dancing'
So the moral of this story is, I am taking this time to slow down, with KAN just around the corner I can afford to break anymore limbs & also using the time to enjoy all those crazy fun moments - like those incredible little men that give us so much joy.