Monday, October 29, 2012

Spring Garden

My one  only bearded Iris

This afternoon the light was just perfect to capture a few of the gems that now reside my Spring time garden.  Now don't be fooled, I am not a gardener by any stretch of the imagination, I have a very good friend who helps me, select, populate & manage to the best of my very limited abilites.
So this is a small photo montage of what's looking great right now.

A rose I bought back from the brink after we moved in 6 years ago
A stunning perfumed David Austin rose we inherited

One of my new Day Lilies thriving away

Louis 'Escape proofing' Dublin Bay Rose

I have even planted a veg patch!

I also have been knitting this weekend - these two little vests were knocked up in no time at all - an awesome pattern called Felipe by Joji Locatelli.  It's Free via Ravelry & a perfect wee knit for those baby gifts & a great way to use up stray single balls & scraps.  The random yarn is a ball of Noro Silk Garden I bought at KAN:3, the solid Berry is Southlander Rose Bracken from Skeinz & the blue tweed is a Donegal sample I was asked to test knit at work.  These little beauties are for Ivy (one left) & Joseph (on right)
For Ivy & Joseph

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Gizzy Getaway

I will miss her - many happy years spent here.
I have come to the decision that after almost 10 years away it was time to sell my house in Gisborne.  My truly excellent tenants who loved my gracious old girl for twice the time I occupied her have moved on & the time is just right to bid farewell to her & let some other love her as I have.

The grand living & dining rooms
This meant a trip home with Louis & Hugo in tow over the school holidays to start preparations to get the house ready for sale.  I spent the time co-ordinating, titivating & with the help of re-enforcements (aka BFF Nick) gave the house a spruce up with a fresh lick of paint.
The Fitzherbert front garden after a short back & sides

The house goes on the market officially in a couple of weeks - so if you have a hankering to own a gorgeous old Victorian in Gisborne drop my agent Maria a line.

What boy doesn't love a train.
the other good thing about the visit home was the chance to take Louis & Hugo back to the Gisborne A & P Show.  I honestly believe this is one of the best shows in NZ, it's so well done, family friendly & the weather is almost always kind.

Hugo loved his bobbing horse
Louis preferred cars to horses on the MGR
The Boys' had a great time - we did the amusements - which they loved.  Thank goodness they are still happy with rides like the Merry-go-round, heaven help me when they want to start transitioning to something a little more adventurous!!

Fresh off the sticks:

I just love the graduations of colour
 I have finished my first Spectra by Stephen West. Just utterly delighted with the result, these short rows are quite addictive.  I am now working through another short row based test knit & have a couple of babies to knit for, the it will be time to make decisions about Summer holiday knitting!