Wednesday, March 23, 2011

KAN:2 - Knit August Nights Two

Genny Stevens aka GrannyG hosts her very popular workshop at last years KAN.
I have been busy ferriting away in the background on the second Knit August Nights bespoke knitters retreat.  So far it looks like there will be 8 workshops to choose from, traders galore for the private retreat traders market on Friday & the public Knitters Market on Sunday.

Knit August Nights 2
August 26th – 28th 2011
East Pier, Ahuriri, Napier
Join Ravelry Group ‘Knit August Nights’ or email Maree  to register your interest.
Just a hint at what was available at the knitters market.

A chance to knit, learn & meet other knitterly individuals all whilst enjoying the delights of Art Deco Napier. Hosted in one of the most historic suburbs, Ahuriri, Knit August Nights is part retreat, part learning & part Winter escape. Spaces are very limited, so make sure you express your interest with Maree. So far eight workshops are planned, with a factory mill tour & a chance to shop at Skeinz – NZ largest mill factory store. All culminating it a knitters market open to the public Sunday morning. If you have items to sell at the market or wish to attend the retreat make sure you email Maree today.

KAN:2 is proud to have the support of...
Skeinz - The Natural Yarn Store
Vintage Purls - Sock yarn & premium accessories
Entangled - digital magazine (available soon)
JOY - Joy of Yarn Sock Boutique

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Sir Bob?

February 22nd was my fathers 69th birthday.  A day to remember. A day to rejoice, unless you live in Christchurch.  Unless you have been living in a cave for the past month you will be away of the devastating 6.3 magnitude aftershock that struck Christchurch on Feb. 22nd. It terrorised those who were in it & paralysed the rest of the country as we took a deep breath & anxiously waited for the dust to start settling.

The constant figurehead through this crisis has been mayor Bob Parker.  Day after day, hour after hour in those first few harrowing weeks it was Bob facing up to the media furore, marshaling his troops & trying to bring news, peace & closure the best he could to his shattered city.  Everyday that enduring figure of silver hair & trademark black & orange jacket met the world.  His years of media training stood him in good stead, his strength, clarity & compassion bolstered us all.

So what I propose is this - a message to John Key, when you are compiling the names for the Queens Birthday honours list, put Bob at the top of the list.  I know there have been many hero's during this crisis, shining examples of individuals & communities coming together, but if there is one man how shines above them all, it's Bob - or please, Sir Bob.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Deco Delights

We got a great view of the airshow!
Napier hosts a world famous Art Deco festival every year.  Thousands from around New Zealand & the world come to Napier to be transported back in time, a world of cutting edge style, colour & cars.
With all the upheaval in our family in February we had no plans this year for 'deco', but we got a stunning airshow clearly visible from our back deck.
The best way to show you the magic of 'deco' is pictorially - the full series of pictures can be found here  - enjoy!

Just mesmerising!

Hugo's determined to 'shoot 'em down'!
Crikey - Did Hugo hit one?
Watch out below!
Deco belle's enjoying the sunshine.
This Art Deco is hot work for Max.
Vintage Deco
Friends Jill & Naomi - Just beautiful.