Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Christmas Countdown

The first big thunderstorm of the season reflected by mood as the impending Christmas season.
 You know Christmas is imminent when your 5 year old is starting to count sleeps & your 7 year old, with help from his Nana, make up a Christmas countdown calender to cross off the days until the big day!
Nana Lyn dusted off my tree & beautifully decorated it.
I was not emotionally prepared for it!  I chastised my local pharmacy for playing Christmas music in the first week of November, but here I am a few weeks later with the tree up at home, cards ordered & the first of the shopping under my belt.  I am been dragged into the festivities whether I liked it or not.

Louis contribution to Nan's tree decorations.
It's so funny growing with two boys and watching their gift wishes evolve & change.  Hugo over the past week has gone from Beyblades ( I NEED El Drago Mummy!) to lusting after the new X-Box One (in your dreams Tiger!!), whilst Louis is heart broken that his pathological need for Lego can not been met instantly, like now, c'mon Mummy - Pleeeeeasssseee!
Don't let that angelic face fool you - Hugo is deadly serious when it comes to his Christmas wish list!
With so much going on, knitting has been limited, my Leftie is getting close to completion and I have been getting some very nice spinning done.  I have purchased Martina Behm Brickless to use on the Mother Pearl hand spun I have been working on, plus I have my sights set on my holiday knitting, 2014 is a Knit Dr. Phil a jumper year.....
Martina Behm's Brickless is lined up for this hand spinning.
So how am I planning  to survive the rush?  I have been taking care of the needs of Dr. Phil & myself today - those two cases of white from Advintage should be here in the morning!