Monday, May 11, 2015

Knitting broke the Internet!

Renly out at Pakowhai Country Park - Just stunning this time of year.

The Knit August Nights registrations opened this month.  Friday May 1st saw a frenzy of knitters all hit my registration page, at exactly the same time, for the same class and the servers just tossed their ones and zeros up in the air and packed a sad in protest.  I had worked very hard to improve some of the kinks from last year and reduce the stress I place myself under with KAN and here I was at 10.10am on Friday the 1st with heart palpitations, sweaty palms and a desire to dive under the duvet to escape the constantly chiming telephone, email alerts and calls.

I was so excited - then KANnannites broke the internet!

But that's why you hire professionals.  Those incredible people who leap into the pool with those ones and zeros and start making sense, rebuilding and regathering some order to the chaos.  It was the most incredible thing, the minute the problem rectified the mobile fell silent and and the email started chiming with the sound of successful registrations and I could breathe a sigh of relief.

It takes a LOT of good beer to make great knitting
The new registration system (which really is brilliant - I am such a convert to Lil Regie) has meant that instead of being strapped to my laptop wading through the classes and numbers and trying to sort all of them out, I have had time to spend with the family and get into the Autumnal groove.
The MacBuscke Slow Roasted Lamb
Getting into that groove for me means plenty of knitting, spinning, slow cooking and walks with the family.  Hawkes Bay at this time of year really is stunning.  Warm sunny days, cool evenings, rich colours and fabulous harvest food everywhere.  I have been knitting with the three new yarns we now have at Skeinz and I have just started a series of baby knits.  It's weird knitting something so small after knitting for myself and even the boys, it's just so.... quick.

The improvised baby cardigan - that's just one afternoons knitting!
In typical MacBuscke fashion I browse the hundreds of baby patterns I own and the end up casting on and free forming a germ of an idea.  Will it end up being written down and published?  Probably not.  Do I care? Definitely not!  So where's my wine and my knitting.....