Monday, January 26, 2015

Summer Lovin'.

My special Christmas nuts with the most stunning washed rind cheese enjoyed on Christmas day.
Last week I started back at work, in what seemed like an eon ago.  You know you have had a good break when you are feeling amped and ready to return.  Christmas was the usual MacBuscke affair of 'Gays and Strays', no simple non fuss Christmas for us, it's all about gathering, feasting, enjoying and spending time with those around us we care about.

A rose from Mother Buscke's Garden on a New Year's visit
Family for us is more of a global notion - it goes beyond those who you are linked to by blood (which if truth be told for me is quite a damn few!!) but those who matter and make a difference, not only in your life, but the lives of your entire whanau nucleus.  We are so lucky to have a core of these people who really matter & Christmas is the perfect time to celebrate.

Hugo gaining skills for life - Pizza making at the Scotts.
This extended whanau are also important because they are the net of people that catch you when you fall and are the ones that support you when hounded by dark dog days.  A lesson for me in 2015 is making sure I'm not afraid to lean on these loved ones when time seem a little grim.
Louis loves camping!  Making new friends and the beach were highlight for him.
Family time with boys over the Summer has been a real joy.  Both boys have had a great school holidays, beaching, chilling, spending time with both us and their grand parents, mind you I think Poppa Buscke was please to see the boys depart - his prize passion fruit got decimated after the boys decided that these unripe green fruit made the perfect grenades in a game of war - Doh!  The Boys are such chalk and cheese as always, the Ginger would love to live in endless Summer and struggles to understand why he needs to return to school, where Master H is missing his friends and is really looking forward to getting back to the hum of the playground.

I actually got some time to preserve some Lemons procured by my Aunty Ivena...
Dr Phil was also very keen to return to his new 'playground' at Napier Eye & BEST (Bay Elective Surgical Theatre), he's still pinching himself that this dream he's held for so long is now finally at fruition.
The Crochet on the Camp bed - as you can see, we Glamp, not camp!

For me the crafting has been cruising and I have loved being back at work and getting stuck into all the new products that are slated for 2015.  I am already working away on Knit August Nights and am super excited about heading back down to Unwind in Dunedin in March - I have even cleared some time to take class, something I am really looking forward too!

Renly stopping off for a quick spot of shopping in the Village
I have been doing a lot of spinning, as I have decided I would like to do a garment sized project for me this year.  It's nice to have the confidence that my spinning is consistent enough to embark on a project like this - I think I am about 1 or 2 skeins off what I need to get started on another Summer Cardigan by Georgie Hallam.  I am also in the final throws of the latest Granny Square blanket - just started the last coloured border over the weekend and am quite determined to have it done this week.  We have thrashed and thrashed the other blankets, they make great rugs, wraps and the kids love snuggling into them.

A gift from a family member that knows me oh, so well!
As for resolutions - I'm not fond of making commitments I can't keep - but on the craft front I have decided to continue effort to start projects using yarns that we have at Skeinz or at very least been spun by us.  My strike rate for 2014 was pretty good with only 4 projects out of 26 being "outsiders", a ratio I'd like to continue - something that I must say is SO hard with so much stunning yarns in my stash!!