Saturday, August 16, 2008

A Monster in my closet...

As a child I used to have the terrifying fear of a wolverine under the bed & a monster in the closet, stemming I am sure from Maurice Sendaks 'Where the Wild Things Are', all I remember is that I was bloody terrified for years on cold dark windy nights on what was lurking in dark places beneath.
So when we completed recent kitchen & living room alterations the opportunity came to be able to create oodles of open closet space of anything I desired. So Louis got a cupboard completely dedicated to all his toys, all my kitchen gadgets now had a home, a 3 bay 'office garage' was created, baby cupboard to get rid of all those nappies & other baby paraphernalia that can litter a room & finally a closet for my precious yarn.

Up until now all the yarn was squeezed into plastic storage tubs under a table behind the couch & more ominously under the bed. Often the stash would grow & new projects would only be generated by recent purchases, as I was too scared to venture to face the woolly monster morphing under the bed, it had to stop. It was time to face my fears & the time was now. When the kitchen designer inquired at why I needed a bank of such large cupboards I stood steadfast, my yarn must have a home.

So the day fatefully came, closets were installed, I had been to my friends at the yarn mill & got yarn bags, it was time to face my monster. I was 9 months pregnant with Hugo & had been having contractions on & off for days, my Mum was trying to convince me that this job could wait. It could not wait, it was time to face my fear. As the yarn was gathered, balls were sorted into weights & the colour lots, bagged up, labelled. Treasures rediscovered as if it was the very first time.

The result - a stash closet I am proud of. A place I show off to all my friends when they visit to see the completed alterations (all the non knitters think I am bonkers!). I am now able to visit the closet & find exactly what I am looking for. I have completed a number of projects from yarns once thought lost (despite me still buying at the same rate as before!!) & as you can see from the previous post I am even tackling my long term knitting nemesis - Dr. Phil's' UFO.
As the website often asks - are you fearless? YES I AM!

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