Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Getting carried away.

The Ombre from Sarah Hatton which was cast on during the Christmas break that has been sidelined in order to accomodate my new vice.
 It has been frequently documented on this blog my tendancy to get a little carried away when I happen upon a project I love.  So the new year wouldn't be complete without be developing a new knitty obsession.  The object of my affection is the Hitchhiker scarf by Martina Behm.  It is also my first every KAL (knit along) project.
My Hitchhiker thus far.

 I was introduced by this seductive little number in one of my favourite blogs, Crafternoon Tea with GrannyG.  Genny just completed one of these scarves and has been so taken with it she has started a KAL.  So feeling all flush with the fresh frivolities of a new year I decided to dive right in & dug out some Regia Kaffe Fassett Design Line sock yarn that was in the stash, that was never going to make it into socks, far to bright, far to pretty to spend all it's time wallowing on my hobbit sized feet.  I am about halfway through the scarf & a serious addiction is developing.  How can I tell this?  Well, simple, as I am knitting it I am drifting off into wild daydreams about all the other suitable yarn I have in my stash that I can knit into this pattern.  What would it look like in another yarn or a different needle size?  What subtle changes could I make to.... you get the picture, quite simply I get carried away!

PS: If you were wondering how the Christmas menu shaped up here it is... Started at 11.30, with coffee & whisky Christmas cake in time for the Queens speech.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

No resolutions, just a quick gloat...

Of course Max the Mastiff & the knitting made it to the beach too!

Sigh....  I should feel sorry for all those poor souls out there in the Northern Hemisphere that are freezing their tits/nuts off in the coldest Winter in memory, but I don't.  There's a reason I live here, firstly New Zealand is the greatest little-big countries in the world & Hawkes Bay is a jewel in it.

Glorious Ocean Beach - Hawkes Bay

Being able to pack the family up & head to the beach for a day out is Gold.  We have a lovely wee beach just 5 minutes walk from our house & just 20 minute drive away is one of the nicest beaches you'll find anywhere - Ocean Beach.

Hugo just loves the 'beeesch'

So with picnic, sun shade, copius amounts of sunscreen for the melanin challenged (aka Me) & an umbrella for the dog, we spend 4 delicious hours with the kids enjoying a truly classic Kiwi Summer pastime.
Louis best beachy smile.

Who needs New Years resolutions when you already have everything you'd every wish for!