Sunday, August 10, 2008

It's a UFO Dr. Phil but not as we know it!

I pride myself at being a finisher - you know a person who starts a task & takes pride in finishing it. I usually can quite proudly say "I do not have completion issues!". That is until you hit upon that one dirty knitted skeleton in my stash closet. It came out to bite me in the arse today when I proudly dressed baby Hugo in his new knitted singlet & Dr. Phil (husband) says "So whatever happened to that jumper you were knitting for me?"

Arrrgh! I have been exposed, beam me up Scotty. I can't pretend it doesn't exisit, it's sitting all neatly bagged up in the recently refurbished stash cupboard awaiting in great expectation for it's final completion. I just haven't had the desire to finish it. It's not that I don't like knitting things for Dr. Phil, I just haven't liked knitting this. It was started when I was pregnant with Louis (son #1) at the end of 2005, a UFO for over 2 years!! I have have several cracks at trying to shake this nemesis, but each time it just keeps coming back to gnaw away at me.

So there it was this morning, my glory of the newly finished baby project shattered as the shadow of the UFO jumper sat hovering like a dark cloud. There is just one thing for it, I have now removed the project from the safe haven of the stash cupboard, it has now been photographed, entered on as my current 'wip' (work in progress) & now I have aired my dirty laundry here, all in a last ditch attempt to compel myself to dispell this UFO into history & keep my reputation as a finsher intact.

Watch this space.....

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