Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Just Cruisin'

Lifou - our last shore day.

I have never been on a cruise before, but recently the opportunity presented itself to try a cruising as a family holiday.  The logic was trying to find a family holiday where "Mum" actually got a break - let's face it, all those mothers out there know, when you head away as a family, it is very rarely a break away for us.
Hugo managed to break his elbow a week out from sailing!

What could go wrong?  My chronic motion sickness?  The Ginger's autistic sensitivities?  Hugo breaking his elbow badly a week from the trip?

Well none of the above.  The combination of Scopoderm patches, Sealegs and Chardonnay worked a treat on any queasiness I may have had, the Ginger coped incredibly well - relishing his independence and once Hugo accepted that swimming was a no go because he did indeed break his elbow a week before the holiday, all was good - scratch that - great!

Both boys LOVED Sydney - so much for them to do & see
We cruised with Royal Caribbean from Sydney.  So it was also a chance to visit Sydney again, a city that has smartened herself up considerably since my last visit and was most enjoyable.  We stayed centrally in town, so an easy walk to Pitt/George/Market street shopping areas.
The knitting started on the plane and continued throughout the cruise
My goals weren't necessarily the shopping, for me it was seeing if I could get a break before the crazy KAN season started.  Registrations open at the end of this week & after burning out last year, I am very keen to ensure this doesn't happen again.  I packed a full adult sized project for me, ambitious, as usually I only get the most mindless or small knitting project completed when on family holidays as I am running around after the kids constantly.

Isle of  Pines - our favourite shore stop
This was not the case - it took a could of days for all of us to just work out our own ship board rhythm.  Like working around the failure of the kids club (far too noisy and chaotic for Louis & deemed a 'prison' by Hugo), and realising that the kids were not going to go overboard and that the incredibly nice and obliging staff of RC were indeed there to make sure you have a great cruise.  We gave the boys their key cards and independence to roam the ship, make new friends (which they did) and return to the cabin if they needed to recharge (essential for the Ginger).

Selfie with the Ging!
So when Phil and I found our little niche on the ship that was easy for the boys for find us and a great spot for us to chill, knit, relax and join any on board activities as we saw fit.  The then mix of shore days (3 days in total in New Caledonia) and sea days, amazing food, drink and a boat load of very nice Australians (pacified because they one the cricket world cup on day one) made it a thoroughly enjoyable holiday for all.

We even got to see the Sydney Easter Parade.
Would we cruise again?  For family MacBuscke - yes.  Armed with the do's and don'ts that work for us I am confident that cruising is a great, relaxing for all, family holiday.

Dreadful picture (taken by Hugo) but proof that I completed my project!
As for me, since my return - I have been beavering away on getting Knit August Nights ready for the opening of registrations.  I am so energized about this year.  I have the most diverse line up of classes, tutors and traders all wrapped up in the awesome setting of Ahuriri.  Haven't been to KAN?  Check out the KAN website and book your own Winter Napier knit escape.