Wednesday, November 26, 2014


One of the beautiful decorated cakes by the PAS students - Garden was the theme
It's been great to get out into the Spring sunshine.  When the wind hasn't been tickling us up, it has been wonderful to look out at the garden, see the roses blooming, sun shining and the boys racing about outside.  It has also dawned on me that it is one month until Christmas.

Louis, Hugo and Renly just loving Pakowhai Park
I have been somewhat organised so far.  The first gifts have been ordered, I have the Christmas cards, the meat for the big day is ordered, Champagne is in the fridge, Christmas tree is up & my nuts are all at home getting ready to be roasted (Christmas nuts - not Dr. Phil's!).  Not bad going with a month still to run.

Out backyard Guy Fawkes display - complete with fire precautions!
I have also been wearing my "School Mum" hat and was the official photographer for the Port Ahuriri Wine and Food Festival a couple of weeks ago.  A great event and so much fun.  It's been a joy getting involved at the school, especially when the Ginger is really in the groove at school and Hugo is rocketing away.

Mum with her niece's new baby boy 
For them Spring has been action packed.  As well as the PAS festival, there was Guy Fawkes, so little boy heaven, and we started the month by travelling up to Gisborne to celebrate Nana Buscke's 65th birthday.  I have just thoroughly enjoyed watching Mum's great pleasure in celebrating her birthday.  She is seriously Gisborne's most excited new superannuatant, such a joy.

The vest I have nicknamed 'Wasp' - as our Ginger can have a sting in his tail from time to time.
I have also been busy on the needles, completing a project for me and almost finished the long promised yellow vest for Louis.  I have even done a wee bit of gift knitting and am now being sorely tempted by some of the new yarns we have at work.  I love the holiday knitting and so much done over the Christmas break, these are the sorts of problems one likes to have!
The Summer Cardigan by Georgie Hallam.  Already well worn!

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

New Dawn, New Day.

It has been a month since I have returned from Rainbow R&R.  A time to get emotionally put back together, centred and calm.  I has a wonderful time away.  The most important decision that I had to make each day was help Nick decide what it was we were going to cook each day for dinner.  I spent time, wasting time, with a variety of animals on their property.  From foals to a crazy kitten, it was wonderful.  This is a collection of some of the images taken last month during this recuperative period, and whilst early November has thrown me a massive curve ball emotionally, I at least, have had the strength to be able to bounce back and keep moving forward.

Me with my new BFF - Seb the Siamese
This is what I like to call "Ironic Beer Drinking"
One of the many slow food inspired meals - this after the Hobsonville Farmers Market
Westbrook Winery - part of  the West Auckland nostalgia wine tour 
All little laying humour at the Hobsonville Farmers Market
I did try to knit - made difficult as Seb liked to help.
I did get knitting done though, my entries for the HB A&P Show