Thursday, January 19, 2012

New Year - New Knitting...

Louis kicks off the New Year in colourful fashion.
Internet forums are a buzz with knitting resolutions for the New Year.
  • Knitting 12 items from the stash for 2012
  • Knitting at least one project for yourself.
  • Learn to knit in the round.
  • Knit for a charity.
  • Learn to knit!
I have tended or tried NOT to make knit-solutions, largely because I never keep them. What I do like  is to have a wee bit of thought into the projects I would definitely like to complete in the year. Like - what am I going to knit for my boys in 2012? What special project do I want to tackle for me this year? I really should convert all those design scribbles down into formal patterns?
Ekkkkk! Those are sounding very much like knit-solutions!
How did that happen??
Our yard spent much time underwater!

The Spring & early Summer here has been wet - really, really, really wet - so plenty of time stuck in doors with camping holidays awash to contemplate your naval, or in my case, my knitting.  At KAN:2 last year cousin Letitia & I bough copies of Ysolda Teagues - Little Red in the City

How can you not love this ravishing creature on the cover.

This book is a master work.  Firstly was the vision of her bestie Amanda on the from cover - a stunning looking redhead of voluptuous proportions, so of course being in a similar vein myself, it was instant love.  But adoration aside, Ysolda has spurned traditional publishers, self producing this seminal work.  She tackles the perennial problem for 90% of all knitters - how to make something fit.  I have seen this problem approached by many different designers, but what sets Ysolda different is she has put herself out there, using herself as a model & created garments for herself & Amanda sharing her formula for making every design custom fit your individual body shape.  Now this is something I have been doing in a much more rudimentary form for years, as I have tired of spending weeks on a project only for it to be relegated to the bottom draw because I looked like a purple yeti.  No longer!
Letitia models my magenta HH at the measuring party.

So last weekend myself, Letitia & other knit buddy Jennie (Rav ID jenniekuz) got together & had a measuring party.  In attendance were children & bemused husbands, who's job it was to entertain said children while tape measures were flying & jugs of Sangria consumed. 

Jennie just loves her new Arizona HH

First order of business though has been to tidy up a few projects which have been dragging along over the festive season.  I finally completed my Magenta Hitchhiker - started as my no brainer, talk my arse off whilst knitting project at KAN:2 & morphed in the favoured 'purse project'.  It's now all done awaiting cooler climes to wear it.  Also just prior to Christmas in a bout of 'I need instant gratification - now' I whipped up a bulky HH in yarn received in a swap parcel.  Jennie is modelling & loved it so much it has now become her early birthday pressie!

Operation Cria - the foundation steps...

That has now meant I have now started swatching Cria.  I had a selection of Skeinz yarns I was keen to try out.  Once obtaining the correct gauge using Skeinz Harvest, I was erring towards New Leaf, but my heart was pining over something cerise/magenta/purple - then the epiphany hit me at work this morning - Barney!  I have just started a swatch of Barney Purple in Merino Soft 4ply - a better weight overall for the short sleeved version of Cria I am planning on.  So stay posted & lets pray that my Sangria goggles haven't affected my measurements!