Sunday, August 22, 2010

Through Fresh Eyes

The Gangs all here.

The Hawkes Bay Knitters group, which is the local SnB group I belong to held it's first Beginners Learn to Knit Class. Pulled together by Jennie (organiser extraordinaire) we had nine will participants cast on. I designed a simple hat pattern & was delighted at how quickly the entire group were knitting & purling their way to knitted bliss.

I love in the intense concentration.

Jennie made the most amazing project bags filled with a couple of notions, Kim & Robyn made the most delicious spread & Ruby, Heather helped mentor the new knitters along. All in all a great success!

Suzanne from Skeinz proves to be a natural.

Enjoy these few snaps from the morning. If you wish to enrol for the next class email me on or visit our Ravelry group & look for the knit workshop thread.

Plenty of talking to go with the knitting!

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Felt Like It!

I wonder when I will be able to get Louis Knitting?

Busy, busy, busy. That has been this month. KAN is now less than two weeks away, Vintage (our new yarn range) is been very well received & I have been in a spin getting a number of small projects finished.
Swatch Cushion for our new Vintage.

One of our missions at Skeinz is to bring beginners to knitting or reinvigorating lapsed knitters back to the craft. This month I am teaching at a 'learn to knit class' hosted by our HB Knitters Group & when I was devising the patterns for this I discovered that there is also a large number of kids that also wish to know how to knit.

Mitchells pencil case uses Southlander doubled with a Skeinz Original Random.

I read a wonderful article about teaching beginners. It suggested doing a felted project using knitted felt. The rationale being, as stitches got dropped, extras picked up or accidental yarn overs occurred, all would be magically vanished away during the felting process. I have spent the past week playing around with pencil cases, the quintessential kid accessory (I-pod covers are next). The first prototype is using DK yarn doubled on 8mm needles, a rectangle worked in stocking stitch, a couple of yarn overs a few row before the end & then sewn to make a pouch. This was serendipitously tossed into the washing machine & I waited. What emerged was an item that resembled a pencil case & was a firm enough fabric to resist any errant pens escaping. I gifted this to the son of one of my employers to road test & he tell me "it's the bomb!".

The overlapping flap with hidden Rasta trim. Knitted in Perendale.

Not to be upstaged by his younger brother, middle son of my employers dropped very fat (or should that be phat) hints he would like one too. Now being a vastly more socially conscience teen the message was relayed that Rasta colours we preferred. SO this time & used DK on 5.5mm needles in garter stitch. Did an overlapping fold over pouch to see whether I could get away without any closures. Luke has only had it since Friday, testing starts at school this week & hopefully it works! This will be the case pattern I will start with, so much simpler.

Hopefully Bob Marley would have been proud!

On my needles....

Knitted using Vintage doubled with a Skeinz Original Random.

I have done NOTHING with the green possum shell I started in May, looks like that will be my holiday project, so of course I started my version of a Sunday Market shawl for me. In my defense I have finished Louis 'Hot Bottle' cover which he loves & have also done a couple of swatch cushions for Vintage - so much more tactile than just a boring old swatch.

Next mission: Compile entries for the HB A&P Show knitting competition.

Vintage Swatch 'Log Cabin' Cushion. Very Harry Potter!

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Vintage Revival

A basketful of lovliness!

My latest yarn baby has been born!

Vintage, a new range of premium NZ wool yarn, is a range of contemporary colours that are also complementary. The long wool fibres have made a smooth textured yarn which will provide excellent stitch definition & the colour selection will entice you to come up with your own unique combinations. Available now from Skeinz, where you can take advantage of the $1 off a ball introductory offer.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

A Trip Down Memory Lane...

Dudley & Reg get pumped for the big game.

I popped into the local op shop round the corner, one of my favourite happy hunting grounds for vintage patterns. I just had to share these two covers. The first are two like lads off to the rugby with their hats & scarves dutifully knitted by Shirley & Esme I'm sure. I adored the second wee chap because this is such a timeless pattern. What I love, is that it has been designed for 'TV Knitting' - Classic!