Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Getting geared up for Gays & Strays

Maximus not letting the festive pressure get to him
Since landing back from Chicago it has been go, go, go.  The end of year is like an amazing bottle neck where the pressure of activities, events, & all those tasks that somehow have to be magically completed before Christmas all seem to turn up at once.

Dr. Phil has drawn the Christmas call card this year - so is at Hawkes Bays beck and call if they come a cropper in the eye department - all I have to say is: wear Eye protection & if your eyes are starting to give you greif - see the bloody GP or optom NOW - don't leave it until Christmas Eve!! Ok rant over!!
Max enjoting the beach with his first swim of the season

As usual our place has become the focal gathering point to a vast variety of family & friends.  This year the festivites have been given the title of the Christmas of gays & strays.  My favorite kind!  This means much fun, food & very good wine.

So far my parents are already insitu at 'Chateau Waghorne' with their dog Tui keeping Maximus company during his recovery. Thank you for all the well wishes we have received for Max & he's going very well for such a big boy.  He's now hobbling his way around the block & has shed 13kg's on his diet, we are confident he is going to make a full recovery.

My two Monkeys are counting down to 'sleeps til Santa'

I have even managed to get some knitting in - getting some knitted gifts whipped up for Swedish friend Thomas (the one who flatted with me off & on for years & has made an appearance as a 'Buscke stray' at many a Christmas celebration), who is expecting a baby with his partner in the New Year, a test knit for a designer in Aussie & I have now started on the boys jumpers for next year. I think I might also need to sneek in a swim to stave off the Summer heat too!