Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Swift Stitching

Display your stash because you love it!
I hadn't realised how much stitching, whether it be knitting or crochet, I managed to get through this Summer.  I purposefully select projects that require the minimum of grey matter involvement.  they need to be quick, easy, something that can cope with continuous picking up and putting down and also survive the imbibing factor!
The Spinning started in November.
 The greatest achievement was completing my first adult garment sized home spun project. I started spinning in November as part of my ongoing "Black Dog" therapy.  It was so satisfying with the vibrant trial Chasing Rainbow sliver we had just made at Skeinz.  I also had some Silver Lining fine Merino, so bot were just joys to spin.  Before I knew it I had a quorum of skeins, so I took the plunge and cast on.
I started my first large scale homespun Project
After completing Summer Carnival by Georgie Hallam last year & just thrashing it ever since, it made perfect sense to make another for this years wardrobe.  That pattern is designed for a sport weight yarn and my home spun was more DK in weight.  After swatching I decided that knitting it on 4.5mm needles like a 10ply was the go.  This meant some swift maths - essential as Georgie's Designs with plenty of size options to ensure a perfect fit.  My calculations meant downsizing by four sizes from my last project - a little daunting, but I rechecked the number, and the numbers don't lie!

It grew so quickly - Summer Carnival By Georgie Hallam
Since it was downsized so greatly it knitted up at record pace & seeing how the random nature of the home spun colours would eventuate kept me stitching frantically.  Because of the striping I omitted the two lace panels in the pattern, as they would have gotten lost.

The pattern make the most of the striping.
The project got a real kick in the arm last week when I succumbed to the cold that was invading the household.  My quickly migrated to my chest, so several days were spent wallowing in the couch knitting.  The advantage was being able to get the project completed and blocked.  I can report it fits perfectly, I am just waiting for a day cool enough to be able to wear it!

Ever After Cowl in Noro Kureyon
So of course you you finish a big project like the cardigan & you feel lost.  I had no other projects on the go, so I went to the stash and looked for inspiration.  It came in the form of Noro Kureyon in dark brooding colours.  Picked up from Deborah at Knitnstitch when I was up having my 'Rainbow RnR', the colours were ideal for that 'Go with Everything' cowl.  The cowl that will live in the car for those days when herding feral cats would be easier than trying to get your sons' out the door for school.  An essential.

Making the most of scrap Boucle in this Cowl
When knitting 'Ever After' cowls, I find one is never enough.  Whilst restocking the sale at Skeinz on Monday I found the most miserable looking "gash hank" in the bottom of a carton.  It was about 50 or so grams of Alpaca boucle run through the tail end of a mauve/grape/green/citrus dying.  The mauve was very similar to our Vintage Oilskin (one of our most underrated colours IMHO).  So the inspiration struck to knit the two yarns together alternating the rounds.  I think the results speak for themselves - so if you have a scrappy skein left in your stash - try this out.

The perfect camping project now complete
I also completed the epic Crochet blanket make with the White Gum thread waste from work - I don't know what took longer, crocheting the blanket or winding the thread waste - either way, I am delighted with the results

I even had time to finish a UFO
After the blanked was completed I decided to clear all my thread waste projects.  This vest was started more than 6 months ago using chunky cabled thread waste.  Made using no pattern and a lick and a prayer, I have managed to pull off a warm vest that actually fits!  Perfect for those really cold Napier Winter days!

Now.... Whats Next?  My needles are getting twitchy!