Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Knitting Glut

I was any to get in a Spin during my convalescence
Now that KAN is less than a month away & I am now walking about unaided by crutches I thought I should share the copious amount of knitting have been doing since been stuck on my very well rounded arse for 2 weeks. One of the first things discovered was I could spin whilst having my hoof propped up on the couch - so I spun up a batch of this pretty natural Marl, which was then converted into a pair of Mitts for the recent frosty mornings.

Homespun Marl Mitts for frosty mornings
Alongside the spinning I still kept my work contributions up with a spot of Tunisian Crochet, with what can only be described as the most phallic looking crochet hook whipped up by the mill's engineer - yes the mind does boggle.

Spot of Jumbo Crochet anyone?
A Winter would be complete without me doing my quota of beanies for friends & family.  I made a new one for Ella & an identical one for another friends 2 year old, plus Dr Phil was keen to have a peaked beanie. 

An Ever After Beanie for Ella
Struan from Ysolda Teague was the perfect answer & Dr. P is very happy with his super soft Aran cap made from a luxurious Merino Possum blend.
Dr Phil in his new Cabled Peaked beanie
Renly wasn't to miss out - I crocheted him a jumper to keep him snug on the mornings he had to frolic outside when I am at Skeinz - he's a little unsure about this 'clothing bizzo' but he's wearing it without escaping it's clutches & is staying nice & warm!!
Renly sporting his new Winter Jumper
I am also working on a cowl wrap for Louis teacher & of course the wee hooded pullover for baby George Windsor.  All this along with keeping very busy with Knit August Nights - so far the registrations are the best ever - so if you haven't registered, you'd better get your skates on, only limited spaces now available.