Tuesday, November 10, 2009

T-Rex Did It!

Max, my 100Kg canine shadow, supervises T-Rex reconstruction.
I love that saying "Out of the mouths of babes", Louis has been so adorable & helpful since I have had my op. He's been busy helping Nana, getting nappies, bottles, fetching the phone. He has taken his role very seriously. He calls the my ankle "Bo-Bo Ankle" & has been very intrigued at what has happened to it. I, of course, have told him the factual details around the ankle, but hey, "Mummy has had a special Doctor who has fixed my ankle because it was still sore & not getting better" doesn't exactly capture a three and half year old imagination.

So last night the new explanations for Mummy's Bo-Bo Ankle started. He sat on his fathers lap before bed & explained to him & I that Bo-Bo's like mine are because "mummy slipped over, running too fast". Mummy run?! "floor wet Mummy, get slippy, fall over.... Oh No BIG Bo-Bo". Right, so glad I have Louis to clear these things up for me.

But not to quiet his busy mind, the mystery of my ankle obviously played on his mind overnight. This morning he saunters into the living room & after saying his good mornings he looks sincerely at me & says "T-Rex did it Mummy", did what?, "T-Rex got grumpy, went CHOMP, T-Rex make Bo-Bo ankle"

Hey who am I to argue!

Friday, November 6, 2009

Stuck on my Arse.....

After almost two years of constant pain from chronic Achilles tendonosis I finally managed to get all the parental planets in alignment & underwent the chop. Weeks of planning & preparation for 45 minutes surgery & three long cuts, but I know it's all going to be worth it.

I am now day three post op, have made excellent progress on the two UFO's I have lined up to be completed in this time. I have spent far too much time enjoying the Ravelry forums, started the Christmas shopping (all done online). Yesterday I saw the ankle bandage getting a bit grubby, so a bandage sock was whipped up to keep it covered & clean - ah well why not!