Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Searching for Spring

How can you not LOVE this face!
It has been a huge sense of relief seeing the signs of Spring.  It tells me I have survived another Knit August Nights, and a weird seasonal clock ticks over in your psyche telling you that sunshine, flowers, barbeques and all the things we love are just around the corner.

It's tough being the best looking bulldog in the world
Renly has well and truly cemented himself in the household - his easy going nature and absolute love of the boys (especially Louis) has been a joy.  It also has helped temper what has arguably been the most difficult first half of the year that the MacBuscke clan has faced.

My little bit of luxury & tranquility over the Winter
In times of stress knitting, for me, becomes a sanctuary.  I have been quite amazed at the prolific amount of knitting I have done this Winter - even for me!  As always I am on the hunt for a new 'project obsession', and currently I am giving my first triangular shawl a whirl.  It's amazing I know that I haven't gone down this path before, especially in light of the number of bespoke yarns I own in 'shawl-able' quantities, but I am here now.
Yes I do actually knit in the car when waiting for the boys.
I have started with a very simple design just to cut my teeth & I have must say I am really enjoying it.  It has become my 'Knit when collecting the boys from school' project & I love the way it grows so quickly & it will grown even more when it is blocked.  So I need to stay focused now & get completed alongside Hugo's vest for next year (especially as I have intentions of entering both into the A&P show), but I am already eyeing up skeins in my newly acquired KAN stash for the next project....

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