Saturday, October 16, 2010

Midori Anyone?

Hugo helps me out, as you can see, supermodel I am NOT!

For those who know me well, once I start down a path, I tend to keep going back until I have done that path to death. This months 'path' has been super chunky yarns. We have a stunning collection of these yarns in at, but customers have been a little daunted at what to do with them. So a couple of weeks ago I drafted the Raukumara Scarf & this week I whipped this tunic up, just to see how long it would actually take to knit an adult (and a large adult at that) project in this super chunky loveliness. I can report that the tunic took just two nights, one of those sitting at the dinner table blathering with friends & consuming a good amount of Hawkes Bay Syrah!

It really is a doddle - please forgive my shabby pattern writing, as I have warned you before, I'm not a pattern writers asshole, so if you get stuck email me

Midori Tunic
Sizes: Sm, Med, Lg, XXL
Notions: 10mm & 20mm Needles
Fronts & back both alike.

On 10mm needles
Cast on 46 (48, 50,52) sts
Knit 6 rows
Change to 20mm Needles
Work 12 rows stocking stitch.
NR: K10 k2tog tbl, knit to last 12 sts k2tog, knit to end
Repeat last two rows16 (18, 20, 22) times

Change to 10mm needles – cast on with backwards loop 7 (8,9,10) sts, knit across these sts & Knit to end then cast on 7 (8,9,10) sts (turn work, cast on sts using backwards loop)
Knit 6 rows
(RS) k2 k2tog (k4 k2tog) repeat sequence to last few sts, k to end
Knit 3 rows
Cast off

Make Up
Join two neckbands to form shoulder. Sew side seams until to have reach length desired for underarm. If you find the tunic too ‘heavy’ & pulling at neck, sew a run of yarn along the middle ridge of the wrong side of the neck band, this will help hold it in place.

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  1. Oh that looks interesting!

    Are there any solid or semi-solid superchunky yarns in the shop? I can only see variegateds like Death in a Chocolate Box.

    How many skeins / grams did it take to knit up the tunic?

    What needles did you use? I use KP nickels and they only go up to 15mm.