Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Making the boat go faster....

Team NZ on San Francisco bay
 It's fair to say that New Zealand is gripped by Americas Cup Fever.  Across this very nation people are late to work & children are being dropped off 'just in time' to school as kiwi's struggle to tear themselves away from their TV screens as we absorb the gripping coverage coming out from San Francisco.

Renly cheering on Team NZ during this mornings racing
Because of the time delay we are cheering Team NZ on whilst chomping our WeetBix & slurping our Nespresso (OK -  maybe that's just my house), but regardless of whether you like yachting or not - this is gripping stuff.  Modern graphics & on board cameras make you thrust us in the middle of the racing like you have never seen before - which to my mind is a great thing, because as a kiwi taxpayer, I own a small chunk of that boat - so why not be proud?

Those famous Red socks
I was living in Auckland when the late, great Sir Peter Blake won the cup for NZ.  It was Mothers day.  Back then you had Sir Pete's steely determined look at the helm & those famous red socks.  We all had them - Auckland was awash with red.  Today the only evidence of that is the red sail sported by Emirates Team NZ, so I reckon we all need to don a little bit of 'Red' - for our boys out there on the water, just even if it's just to say quietly to ourselves - good on you blokes, make that boat go faster.

The Cousin Phil B rocking the Cabana
On a totally unrelated matter - but the picture fits with my Red theme - I finally went to see my cousin Phil's band play when they hit town last Friday night.  Last time I saw the Datsuns was about 12 years ago at the Kings Arms, it was time to revisit the cuz at Napier's famous Cabana bar.  It was a family outing with my brother down from Gisborne & I have to say a thoroughly good night out - oh & Phil, thank you SO MUCH for the ear plugs!

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