Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Keeping up with the Macdonald boys.

A Boy & his Dog.  the bond between these two is very special.
Boys are full on.  Anyone who has boys will tell you that the 'Y' chromosome sometimes should be translated to the 'Why oh why' chromosome!  For the Macdonald boys it is all about counting down until the school holidays, they're tired, cranky and needing a break.

Louis gives Renly a lesson in Multitasking.
So that's when you need to take comforts where you can find them.  For me that's knitting a few rows, Louis likes to escape into the iPad & Hugo relaxes through his stomach.  It's these quiet times I like to cherish because as the weather improves, the energy levels will start to ramp up again as the countdown to the end of year begins.  I almost choked on my breakfast this morning when Hugo asked me 'How many sleeps until Santa' - What SANTA!!!  Let's just get through these school holidays first mate!

Hugo enjoying  his Sunday afternoon Ice Cream breaks!

On the needles....
Little Vine - My last 'Show' project.
I am in the final throws of getting my A&P Show entries for the HB 150 year anniversary show.  It will be fun this year, 'Poppa Buscke' is one of the wool judges and will be here for the event, so something to really enjoy as a family.  I have also had a chance to get a few design ideas out onto the needles, then it will be back to the wheel to get a few more skeins spun up for knitting next Winter.

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