Monday, October 5, 2009

Sometimes you just have to splurge.

Three Skeins of Lovliness

We have just returned from a family break in Queenstown. The action capital of New Zealand. Pinot Noir haven. Tourist mecca. With the exception of the Pinot, our break was vastly more sedate, walks with the boys', visiting some of Phils' family in Central Otago & doing a little retail therapy. For me, of course, that means hunting out yarn stores. I was restrained & only called upon the one, the Kiwi Gift in Beach Street (previously visited 6 years ago when they were in Queenstown Mall).
All the favourites were there as I remembered them, Central Otago is after all Touch Yarns country, but it was some earthy variegated Suri Alpaca that stole my heart. So soft, almost silky, the allure of this luxurious fibre caused me to lose all sensibility & before I knew it I had 3 skeins (at $40 each!!) scooped up & the Visa was whipped out. Made by Flagstff Alpaca's, I can't wait to cast this yarn on, at this stage, I think this is going to be the yarn I use for Kate Gilberts Clapotis. A special yarn for a special design.


  1. Completely jealous. I have no splurge money right now (the university can be "thanked" for that).

    But, it looks lovely and fun :)

  2. I know, I am still feeling guilty about it! I am almost too nervous to start the project in case I bugger it up, oh well, baby steps, start with winding the yarn off first...