Friday, October 16, 2009

Mastiff Daycare

Max (foreground) with his father Benson

When your friends get sick you all pool together. You help keep the fridge full, see if any housework needs doing, help with the kids. In our situation the later also applies to Canine children as well as human ones, so when our good friend John collapsed after bringing Benson (Max's sire) back from Massey University Vet Hospital last week, we all swung into action. Whilst John was in acute care at the local hospital, his family & friends divvied up all the jobs that needed to be done & we were only too glad to have Benson at our place for a little bit of a Mastiff sleepover.
Now I realise that having 180Kg's of slobbering, panting, shedding canines cluttering up your place isn't every ones idea of a great time, but for us it is heaven. Benson quite simply is the happiest dog in the world, and when we went through all our reproductive angst, being able to have time with him & in turn have one of his progeny was a great comfort & joy for us - it was the least we could do.

Benson has suffered with recurrent ear infections which over the years had led to much more serious secondary complications. He returned from Massey after having multiple tests, scans & surgery. His treatment regime was extensive, so we rolled up our sleeves & lavished on the poochie TLC. In ten days he's now a different dog, ears look fabulous, he's started to regain weight, I am over the moon. Max has had a great time having him here, they have been hanging together & loving their daily walks. It's been a positive experience all round & makes you feel great when you can help out such a great friend, both human & canine!

I have used the luscious Naturally Sensation Merino Angora blend

On the sticks: I am three quarters of my way through making myself a shrug to slip into on those nights we eat outside. I have sized up the shrug I have made for friends & Nina in the past, I only hope like hell it fits. Let's face it, I am more Dawn French in stature that Joanna Lumley, so am very weary of anything cropped as they do tend to accentuate my 'widest' parts. I love knitting this pattern so I thought I would take the punt & since it is primarily going to be worn at home I'm hoping the risk is going to be all worthwhile.... Fingers Crossed!

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