Thursday, October 23, 2008

Something old, something new...

I have had a great week this week. For starters its a 4 day weekend here in Hawkes Bay, (our anniversary day Friday with Labour Day Monday) & my cousin Michael is coming to stay from Wellington to see Hugo for the first time. I can't wait, we haven't seen each other for about a year & we are very close, I lived with him & his mother from the time I was 10 & we both cared for her when she fell ill with cancer & passed 4 years ago. He's a couple of years younger than me, single, drop dead gorgeous & frantically busy finishing off his electricians training (he discovered that his 2 degree's were not really helping his future career prospects & at 30 decided to retrain to something more hands on) so in need of a much deserved break.

Because of the busy weekend pending I have been frantic getting all my 'WIP' finished. Naomi's pants came up a treat & the vest I was designing & mucking around with has been finished & looks great on Hugo & last night I finished Nina's jacket, just in time for her birthday on Saturday.

It's the first time I have knitted for Nina, as at 3 I am very nervous to whether she will like it or not, like most 3 year old little girls, she has very clear ideas about what she likes & dislikes. I think I have been safe, it's pink (her favourite colour), has a lace trim (so suitably girly) & has been finished off with a large matching pink broach.

I am especially thrilled about the broach. It was my grandmothers. Myrtle was a force of nature, a feisty woman from strong Irish ancestry who was a publican until she separated from my grandfather on the day I was born. So my entire life I knew her as a strong hardworking woman who was fiercely independent & in latter years cantankerous to boot! She died when I was 18 at just 68, but left me a large collection of jewellery, some more valuable than others. Each piece had a story, like the diamond ring she bought with the pub cheque book the day I was born, after she found my grandfather in bed with another woman, to the pink broach purchased in the States when she went to visit her sisters (both war brides who met their American servicemen husbands when stationed in NZ during WWII) in the 1950's. Every piece had meaning to her.

So when I was looking for something to finish Nina's jacket I thought I would look through all of Myrtles bit's & there it was, the opalescent pink broach, just the right shade with a story & a twinkle in the eye of the great grandmother that Nina never got to meet.

PS I have been given a reprieve on the fusty cardy, Dr Phil reckons he won't need it over the upcoming Summer months - Phew, that give me at least another 6 months to get it finished!

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