Thursday, October 2, 2008

Paradise lost or is it gone....

Boy does time fly! I honestly don't know where our holiday time went. I hadn't been to Rarotonga for 7 years & was thrilled to see that the local economy was thriving & the locals were telling me that what was holding them back was finding enough people to fill all the jobs required to keep the throngs of tourists like me happy.

I want to say a BIG thank you to the staff at The Pacific Resort Muri Beach, who were wonderful & the cabin crew on the two Air New Zealand flights that we flew with 'terror toddler' who were very patient & didn't make be feel like I was the worst mother in the world!!

Did I manage to knit? Yes I did. Did I finish anything? No I did not!

I am 80% finished on Nina's jacket - just the lace trim & sewing to finish (the progress was photographed in the last blog) & wee Naomi's baby bootlegs are 50% finished - I need to get my A into G & ball up the last skein (a job I just hate) to finish them off. Add that to Dr Phil's Fusty Cardy & a vest experiment I started prior to departure - that leaves 4 projects in progress - my most ever, and you know what it's like after a holiday, motivation is at an all time low. I look at the housework jobs I left, I haven't yet unpacked the boys' bag, Louis is being weened off his dummy (it's been left with a boy in Rarotonga, that our story & we're sticking with it!!) which has been relatively ok, it's day 4 & he's only asked for it once, make that twice (he's upstairs refusing to go down for his midday nap), so even finding a quiet 5 minutes to complete these projects is a real mission.

Oh well, my photo's are due back today, I guess I will just have to look at the azure blue oceans & escape in my mind & hope like mad I'm not too tired to get some knitting done once the boys' have gone to bed...

Aitutaki - the most beautiful lagoon on earth.

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