Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Elections & Roses

For the first time ever in my voting life I am an 'undecided voter'. I watched the first of the head to head debates last night (honestly, actually only the last half hour, but that was enough) & I have to say I am still undecided. I am a person who isn't adverse to change, but not for change sake, but right now I am not overly thrilled with either of the offerings available, so it means I will actually have to do some serious policy digging on the issues that concern me & will probably make a decision based on a single platform - ouch, too much serious thinking!

I have to admit, I have actually found the US presidential race far more interesting than our own. I lived there as a student almost 20 years ago & studied politics for a year & have been hooked ever since. Now if I were voting there - no problem, I know who I like & what he stands for, especially from an international stand point. The interesting thing about the American system, unlike the NZ one, is its depth of democracy & the diversity of all it's constituents. Let's face it, the US is made up of 50 'countries' more so than States, each one as individual as the next, so imagine the complexities of getting them united on anything - I am stunned they managed to get the 'bailout' bill passed so quick - that would have to be some sort of record to fast track that through both houses & the exec so fast - with all of that I am actually thankful that our system is relatively straight forward. Does this help me make a decision, no it does not!

Oh well, back to something I'm not undecided about, knitting. Something I have been doing a lot of during these debates, news & election rah, rah, rah. I am please to say I finished Naomi's baby bootlegs made in the Koigu KPPPM. I have learned the lesson why all proponents of hand painted yarns recommend to knit off 2 balls for better colour distribution, it is surprising how the colours can differ within the same batch - but the still look great. I am now finishing the lace trim on Nina's jacket for her birthday next week & I have another vest for Hugo to finish the edgings off & then I can think about another project.

How is Dr. Phils Fusty cardy coming? Don't ask!! Time for me to chill out & take time to smell the roses!!

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