Thursday, September 18, 2008

Knitting in Paradise

Kia Orana! It's now day 4 in sunny Rarotonga & I think I am managing to get into the swing of Island time. Louis (aka Turbo Toddler) is having a great time, just very excited with all the new surroundings, Hugo, the most laid back infant in the world, is sleeping incredibly well, & just loving having both parents around & everyone making a fuss. As for Dr Phil, he's one book down, half way through his second, with plenty to eat & drink - so life is A-OK as far as he's concerned... & what about the knitting I hear you ask?

I started with the project for my niece who is turning 3 on October, a gorgeous little bolero cardi with quite a frilly edging in a dusty pink (she's a girly girl) & so far, back & 1 and a half sleeves knocked off - excellent! I am also thinking of getting my project for my friends babe started. Baby Naomi arrived 10 days late (she was making an grand entrance) & I packed the most stunning Koigu handpainted sock wool which will make the most beautiful drapy pants, a design I have perfected over the years that is practical & the yarn is 100% merino & machine washable, perfect for a first time mum.

I am also please to report not too many sideways glances at me knitting on holiday - I spent an hour at a local cafe in Avarua yesterday whilst Dr Phil was at the gym (aptly named 'The Cafe' - very good coffee & food) & no one batted an eye - so knitters tell any doubting partners out there that you can take your yarn away on holiday with you!!

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