Monday, August 19, 2013

Knit Calm before the KAN Storm

Renly looking resplendent in his Winter jumper

I can't believe KAN starts this week!
I have record numbers this year and a wonderful mix of returning KAN-nannites and newbies about to have their first KAN experience.
The Skeinz shop looks amazing, it's just groaning with yarn, colour, fibre and lusciousness.

Hugo modelling Uncle Nicks beanie
To keep me focussed I have been finishing up a number of projects.  I completed a cabled beanie for my 'Gay Husband'(long story) - which he dubs the 'Tea Cosy', made is the same uber soft Merino Possum I did Phils Struan in.

Louis lovely teacher Janine with her new cowl.

As part of the school collection I have completed an Ever After Cowl for Hugo's teacher, Louis teacher has a long cowl using a variation of the Back to School Scarf in the rich, soft and uncious Moody HuesMerino/Alpaca/Possum and I have just to sew up and block some Ever After Gauntlets for Louis TA.

The Ever After Cowl for Hugo's teacher.
I also couldn't help cast on a vest for Hugo called Kingfisher, using the most amazing random colourway (also called Kingfisher) in the Naked Skeinz 10ply base which was random dyed to add a punch of colour to our Winter collection.  I am intending this to be my 'KAN knitting', but I have also been eyeing up Martina Behm's Leftie... so if you come to KAN you might see me working on both!

If you want to follow whats happening at KAN, start following my Instagram profile (buscke), I will be taking a series of images using this medium for CFW & Skeinz social media.

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