Thursday, August 8, 2013

KAN Theory

I have fingers & toes crossed that we have a weekend like this for KAN
KAN is now just a couple of weeks away & I am at that weird stage in the planning where I think - have I get everything nailed? What have I forgotten? Ahhh -  She'll be alright!

My top is in Blue, Justine made her bonnet & Kathy knitted the 'Liam' Jumper
I'm actually feeling pretty zen about it this year & I guess it is the advantage of having traveled this road 3 times before. It's great really, as Skeinz has been busy with the first Heritage yarns being released & myself & two others decided we needed to knit the wee Royal Baby George something, you know, just cause we could.  It was fun, gave me a chance to play with the new Heritage Organic Merino - which is just BLISSFUL - and knit a pattern by Justine Turner (JustJussi), one of the KAN tutors.  In fact Justine was one of my partners in crime with this project, along with Kathy Ryan from Waimate, down South, who also knitted a Jussi pattern.  the parcel is now winging it's way to St James Palace & hopefully will be some of the garments chosen by the Royal couple.

My attention now in the knit front is completing the long rib cowl for Louis amazing Teacher Mrs. S, & I have been requested for a beanie from the 'Gay' husband (Not Dr. Phil & a long story), as he saw Dr. Phils new Struan & felt he required one also.  I am at that itchy fingers stage of selection a pattern which will be 'Just Right' for KAN knitting..... Thoughts anyone?

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