Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Going Viral

Jumper anyone?
I have just arrived home briefly & called into Skeinz to see all the pengiun jumpers for myself.
I feel really guilty as I created this media & internet 'penguin storm' & then I bugger off on holiday!
For my pennance I got nabbed whilst there & ended up being interviewed by TV3 News - I will post the link once the interview has aired tonight, I look an absolute fright - after 5 hours in the car, not a scrap of make-up except a quick last of lipgloss & poor Dr. Phil, the boys & Max all in the car wondering what on earth is taking me so long!

The TV3 Cameraman getting some set up shots for tonights news
After all this I think I need another holiday - roll on the Gisborne Wine & Food Festival & the 'Cup of World Rugby' final!

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