Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Rapture & Raptors

Louis wearing his new 'Dino Skin' jumper.
There is one fact about Louis, my oldest, which is never in doubt.  Louis Loves Dinosaurs.  This isn't just a passing childhood phase, its a fully blown, Cretaceous sized obsession with dinosaurs.  It started three years ago when for his third birthday his Auntie "Teesha" gave him a couple of small dinosaurs books & his first dinosaur toy - a blue Parasaurophalus.  I should have known I was in trouble then. Louis wasn't just content knowing that this toy was mearly a dinosaur, but had to know when & where it lived, what it was called & ever other fact he could find. 
Fast forward two years & we have the Louis the paleontologist in waiting.  So when the BBC's Walking with Dinosaurs arena show was scheduled to hit Auckland it was a no brainer to see whether we could swing it to visit.
The WWD Utahraptors - Louis Favourite.

Preparations were vigorous.  We deliberately didn't tell Louis we were going until the day before we flew out, but I get prepared by knitting him a special 'Dino Skin' jumper to wear to the show & making sure all his favourite dino shirts were laundered & packed.  Once we did break the new the endless questions started:
"Will they have a Velociraptor Mummy?" 
"How did they find the Dino's Mummy?"
"Will the dinosaurs talk to me Mummy?
"Can we take a Dino home Mummy?"
"Can I take ALL my Dino's Mummy?"

Louis & Hugo get prepped for WWD

Needless to say having such a powerful incentive his behaviour over the weekend was amazing & he just adored the show - on the edge of his seat the entire time.  If you can manage to make it before it closes - go, it is truly spectacular!

I also needed some nice easy mindless knitting for the trip away & for the plane - so I took the three balls of bright Skeinz Circus Louis had selected for another 'Dino Camoflague' jumper.  I whipped it up in record time & he has now dubbed it his 'Utahraptor Jumper' - did I mention earlier that this kid was obsessed?

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