Sunday, July 24, 2011

In a Spin

My new Rustic Ever Afters & the last of the Silver Gotland, Swiftly spun (well at least) wound up!
Winter has finally taken a decent bite out of Hawkes Bay.  It has been an eclectic mix of bitterly cold, with icy winds off the snow covered ranges or wet grey weather that just begs you to stay indoors & knit.
The completed Dorian Hitchhiker

I have managed to get a few loose ends tied up in recent weeks.  The Dorian Hitchhiker scarf, which has been my lazy TV knitting is now finally finished.  Done in dreamy 4ply alpaca it has already had several outings.  I also have been doing a pile of samplers & swatches for Skeinz & for contract spins & have had time to knock out another pair of Ever After gauntlets for myself in rustic browns this week.
The Moondance Sampler

I am now on the homeward stretch on my Fern Shell & even have been tinkering wit a little crochet.  What comes of the latter I have no idea, but I have been getting myself quite hooked up with a series of scraps & have enjoyed the change of pace away from the needles.

Crochet Anyone?
It just never ceases to amaze me that there is always someone or something to knit for.  My aunt had a very significant birthday last week & I have promised her a pair of fingerless gloves in the matching yarn to her Sunday Market Shawl I knitted her last year - so I got myself a little wound up this afternoon during the gloom & wound off the last skein or silver gotland & also the bag lot of Naturally Sensation angora blend I have been collecting to knit (or it's looking now very likely - crochet) a blanket from.  there is something surprisingly satisfying it setting a swift ablaze & winding off a multitude of yarn.

August is fast approaching & it's Knit nirvana with the Napier tree cosy installation picking up pace & of course KAN:2.  I have had a little publicity around the Tree cosies & I am hoping to drum up some more for the KAN:2 Knitters Market & the remaining workshops available.  If you wish to register for either of these events - make sure you drop me a line ASAP!  Time to stop blogging & keep knitting!
Smile!  Me, keeping one of my trees cosy.

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