Tuesday, December 28, 2010

The Louis Diaries Part 3

Louis having a great day at the beach on Boxing Day

Catching a Bug.

You know that old saying 'Doctors make the worst patients' well I can unequivocally tell you that Surgeons are even worse again! One of our dearest friends (DF) has been very unwell just prior to Christmas, & like Dr.Phil a fellow surgeon. He had been unwell for a few weeks & after an especially busy weekend a week out from Christmas, he became very, very unwell, very quickly. His significant other called me to check in on him (she lives 4 hours away as she completes her specialist medical training), so after talking to him, making arrangements for him to see a 'real doctor' (aka GP) & offering to take him, I thought all would be well. Wrong!

After not going to said doctor, I then dispatch Dr.Phil to his house to really make sure he's OK. After much knocking & hollering, DF informs Dr.Phil that he's just too sick to come to the door & too sick to see the GP - What!?

The next day I decided to take the decisions away from all these bloody doctors & by the point of a knitting needle I collected DF & took him to the GP myself. GP promptly exclaimed 'off to hospital for you', so off to hospital we go. Now DF works at said hospital, so you can imagine how big he felt being admitted into ED & actually having to fess up to 'baby' doctors that his own self administered doctoring skills had landed him in this mess.

So where does the Louis parable fit into this story you might ask? Well after spending all day with DF in hospital & I returned home.

Louis "Where you been all day mummy?"

Me "With DF at the hospital"

Louis "Why is DF at the hospital?"

Me "He's a bit sick Louis, he's caught a nasty bug"

Louis, ponders this for a couple of seconds then says "Does DF have Praying Mantis?"

Me (trying to keep a straight face & not roll around the floor laughing) "It's not that kind of bug darling"

Louis "Oooooh, he must have Ladybug then!"

The moral of this Louis parable - don't let your Praying Mantis or Ladybug get too bad before you go to the GP!

Oh & DF is now on the mend, after bluffing his way out of ED one day, his significant other (who had arrived from out of town at by this stage) then had to call an ambulance to take him back to hospital the next day. He stayed until Christmas Eve & has been taking it very quietly every since, have being fully tongue lashed by all the women in his life about the importance of listening to all our nagging, because more than occasionally, we're right!


  1. Absolutely loving the post! :) And a happy new year!

  2. Thanks! You too, I hope they arent working you too hard.