Friday, December 10, 2010

The Louis Diaries Part 2

The Importance of Good Grooming

As you can see Louis isn't to phased about his very boyish coif.

Louis has never been one to worry about his 'looks'. Washing his hair is something he insists on doing, which consists of him submerging himself in soapy bath water without rinsing. Thank goodness the kid has a few curls, because the slightly greasy, ginger mess looks half presentable - well most of the time. Still it never ceases to amaze me how many people stop & tell me or him what 'pretty' hair he has, 'What lovely waves' or 'Such a pretty colour'.

So you can imagine my shock this morning then we were off to preschool & here he was in the back of the car craning over the seat to look in the rear vision mirror in order to preen himself. He diligently stroked & his fringe into a sort of an ordered chaos & vainly attempted to tame his errant curls into some sort of submission.

"Louis, what are you doing to your hair!?"

"I'm mooose-sing Mummy"

"Moose-sing? What do you need to 'Mousse' for?" (at this point I really should know better but just call me a sucker for punishment)

"Keep all the bugs off Mummy, bugs like Louis hair, it's pretty, but 'Mooose' makes it better"

Louis Moral #2 - Mooose keeps your hair bug free, especially when it's as pretty as his.

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