Friday, January 22, 2010

New Life, New Year

Louis first Monarch Butterfly hatched this week - he was transfixed at the process of transformation. We still have two left to hatch.

It's been nice the first few weeks of this year being able to get more knitting in than what I would usually do during the Summer. Largely spurred on my the birth of some new babes in our circle of friends. First for the new year has been Alexander, born ten days ago. I haven't knitted any baby bit's for several months, so Alex's arrival saw me diving into the stash cupboard to find some inspiration.

Inspiration was found in the form of some Regia Silk Color sock yarn purchased from the delicious James Herbison's J.O.Y in Greytown about 6 months ago. The splendid blend of subtle off tones, which are gender neutral, are perfect for Alexander & also wee baby Faith, which is due any day now. I have had great fun buying some matching stretch & grow's, cluck, cluck, cluck goes this old bird!!

I used a picot edge, just for something a little different.

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