Monday, January 4, 2010

Lifes a Beach.

Somehow it seems strangely appropriate that my 50th post is also the first for 'twenty - ten'. It is a great relief to be through another Christmas, to have peace restored to the household & most importantly happy children. Poor Louis acutely felt the weight of expectation that Christmas bought. He was ecstatic with all the offerings from Santa & all that was left was to pack the kids up & head to the beach.
Louis just blown over at his 'Dino Hot Wheels'

The hot holiday destination in NZ this year certainly seemed to be Gisborne. This is my home town, so I am more that used to throngs of holiday makers making a path to it's golden shores, what I wasn't prepared for were the tens of thousand festival goers who came for Rhythm & Vines. However this mattered not. My parents lived in the country & even better was my brother who lives beach front on Wainui beach.

Mum, bless her, had the boys, so I (far left) could enjoy New Years Eve with my brothers.
Now before you get visions of a grand beach palace, my brother literally lives in the worse house on a very affluent street & he loves it! He had made great preparations for the many visitors who arrived for festive season. Louis & Hugo just adored the beach & having time with their cousin Nina.
View from Stuarts Deck, pretty hard yakka really!

I managed to get some time to unwind & catch up with family & friends who I hadn't seen for a very long time. I bearly had time to knit, just a couple of panels completed on the Ahuriri blanket.

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