Monday, May 25, 2009

Ghosts of Freindships Found.

Christmas 1991 - My Cousin Karen in the white & I'm in red - I was 19
What a funny old couple of weeks it has been. I have re-established contact with three very old friends from high school (here & in the US) in the last few weeks that I haven't heard from in anywhere from eight to nineteen years... Crazy! I am usually not to bad at keeping in touch, let's face it we all get busy, but facing it has exactly what has happened, or Facebook to be more exact. In my former corporate life, when I spent hours each day in front of a computer screen, I would have been fabulous at Facebook. I would have been one of those wall writing, poking, group joining users that was always online. These days I am lucky if I can even get to check my email every day, but the miracle of Facebook & managed to get me reunited with people who have a great deal time invested in my life. It's is establishing a new chapter in my 'Facebook' & I will be very interested in seeing where it takes me.

On the knitty front I am about a third of my way through a basic black tank for me & am concocting a wrap for the daughter of one of the aforementioned old friends, I just I had more minutes in the day to get everything done.... Hmmm I need to get off Facebook & get knitting!

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