Monday, June 8, 2009

Bum Belches & Nose Poo's

The biggest land mark in this house in recent days has been Louis third birthday. THREE! I am sure sometimes in my sleep deprived haze it was only yesterday he was the tiny newborn that a terrified first time mother bought home. What a three years it has been. As I have blogged before Louis lives life on full volume, life with Louis is a real roller coaster, especially in the last nine months.

However for those of you out there with hard core sub-woofing toddlers the onset of three has bought with it a mellowing, maturing and considerate Louis. A couple of months ago at my wits end I contacted the Kindy that Louis was enrolled in & in sobs down the phone asked for help. All other early childhood health avenues & had spoken to all said the same "once he gets to kindy you'll see a change", but unfortunately I couldn't wait for that magical third birthday, I need help there & then. Enter Virginia. My savior, Louis angel. An experienced kindy teacher who has owned her own centre, she now does a 'mini' kindy from home - perfect for Louis. After two months under her tutelage Louis has learned social & communication skills that has made it life vastly more peaceful. I now have a son who regularly uses pleases & thank yous, listens, follows tasks, loves & plays with his brother & is delightful in mixed company - what joy!

Keeping in theme on the needles I have three projects on the go. I am about 75% of my way through my Merino/angora black tank, I have one sock completed for a friend of my mothers (the second is about to be cast on), and today I will be finishing a wrap for my friends babes first birthday in the delicious organic Forever Green Elan Merino. So no more talking & more knitting!

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