Friday, May 15, 2009

Knitting in Nelson

It's funny what inspires you to pick up the needles & start knitting. I am currently in Nelson with Dr. Phil as he attends a conference. I haven't really been to Nelson before (a flying trip for one hour seven years ago hardly counts), so I have loved being able to explore this very beautiful city.

First priorities were to locate yarn stores. I was in luck, Creations Crafts in Hardy Street was practically spitting distance from our hotel, a small store just overflowing with equipment for most yarn & fibre crafts. Yarn wise they had all the usual suspects, but also a few nice surprises, like the Angora/Merino blend from Aslan Trends. But it was colour that trapped me, I found a boucle in rich paprika & persimmon which screamed "Scarf NOW" & a very bright 4ply blend in limes, reds, oranges & indigo's which I just couldn't resist for my kiddy knitting.

Fortunately I had all my knitting paraphernalia with me, I am whipping off to Christchurch tomorrow for the day to the Knit World knitters weekend, so I was able to scurry back to the hotel with freshly purchased yarn & promptly started casting on a quick scarf to wear at the knitters weekend tomorrow.

Get the Drop Scarf
I used Naturally Yarns Landscape Boucle (10ply, 83m, 50gm, Shade 809)

Using 6mm needles cast on 25 sts loosely

Knit 4 rows

Next: Knit twisting the yarn around the needle 3 times (like a yarn over on steroids)

Next: Knit the first 'stitch' letting the remaining 'sts' (twists) fall off the needle to produce a elongated st.

Next: Repeat the sequence to product the scarf, to the length desired. I am adding tassels, so ensure you have enough yarn remaining to do so. I have knitted two balls into the scarf & used half a ball for tassels.

Also on my yarn finding travels Dr Phil & I headed over to Richmond to do a spot of wine tasting (we're in Nelson, it'd be rude not to) & I sort out the Grape Escape centre on McShanes Road. There is the infamous Cruella's Fibre Boutique ( This is my kind of yarn store, zany passionate owners (with the hair styles to match the name), producing their own yarn & sumptuous colours that you just wanted to eat! Still feeling flush under the glow of Nelson's autumnal splendor & couldn't resist a DK blend of alpaca, silk, mohair & merino in a colour aptly named 'Cocoon Persimmon' - a project has yet to be assigned to this lovely yarn, but I can assure you it won't be in the stash for long. So a big thank you to Nelson for providing such wonderful inspiration

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