Thursday, September 11, 2008

Knitting on Tropical Islands

We only have 2 more sleeps to go until we head off as a family to sunny Rarotonga for two delicious weeks. I am ashamed to admit that the boys' bags have been packed for a week & I did my bag a couple of days ago, anal retentive? No, I just like to be prepared, especially when travelling with children. You see, it's not just a matter of throwing a few sarongs & a swimsuit into a bag & jetting away (I wish, I remember those days so well....) both boys are in nappies, Hugo (5 months) is just starting solids, Louis would start world war three if he doesn't have 'glee glee' (his cuddly blanket), so the logistics in making sure I have all the supplies in correct quantities & everything washed & dried, ready to go is a HUGE job & that doesn't even include what Dr. Phil needs! I make him pack his own bag, but being the protective Doctor that he is, I have one entire bag dedicated to medical supplies - I'm not joking - we could run a small hospital out of our resort bungalow with what I've got packed, it's like I almost need a holiday, preparing for the holiday.
I am a compulsive list maker; accounts paid for the household & business - check; Children's food & toys - check; Medicines packed - check; Knitting projects packed - CHECK!
Fortunately for me Dr Phil is used to me packing my knitting for holidays, he was mortified the first time I packed a small project for a trip to Samoa one year, but there is only so much book reading, swimming & lazying about one girl can do. Because this trip is much longer that the usual 5-7 days it meant a new set of considerations for what to pack. I have a friend who as we speak is one week overdue for her first child & she doesn't know what she's having, my niece turns three on October & I want to whip something up for her with this gorgeous dusky pink yarn that came through the factory a few weeks ago & I know she'll love & then there is something for me. I hate picking projects for myself (trust me this topic is a whole blog on it's own) for some reason I find it tricky translating what I think will look good on the pattern photo to my tall cuddly shape. This time I think I have nailed it, with a few alterations, so the red yarn I have been saving for months has now been packed.... along with the pink yarn & a selection of yarns for either a boy or girl babe!

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