Wednesday, March 19, 2014

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It's so hard not to take ALL if it hone - Unwind 2014
What I love about this time of the year is that I can really start getting my teeth into all the fibrous projects I have lined up for the Winter.  It all kicks off with attending the Unwind Fibrecraft retreat in Dunedin.  This year it also coincided with my birthday, so I had double the fun.

I certainly Kept Calm & knitted on! - Unwind 2014
Unwind is the mental switching point for me being 6 months out from Knit August Nights. I get to catch up with tutors and traders and try to coerce them to return to Napier for their Winter knit fix.  It also give me a weekend of concentrated knitting to start projects for myself & the kids.
Simply Stunning - Unwind 2014
In true Louis fashion, he has not disappointed me in his very exactly requirements for his Winter jumper.  This year he has requested a hooded vest, the first time he has ever deviated from his perennial favourite, the Milo vest.  I am happy to oblige & with some careful adjustments am hopeful in coming up with something suitable.  I had some yarn put aside which I thought would be perfect - it was a random print with his prerequisite yellow content.  When I showed it to him, smug in my choice, he looked down his nose at it & deemed it 'adequate', but really he should be making his own choice.

What I thought was a dead cert winner - I was so wrong!
With hopes crushed I let him loose in the stash cupboard where he selected the most violently bright Hot Pink/Yellow/Neon Orange yarn. Fortunately I didn't have enough, but that didn't deter him.  This yarn was sign for torment, so I scrambled & had the epiphany to show him Byron Bay from the new 10ply random range at work.

Saved by Byron Bay
Fortunately it worked - "Hmmmm Mummy, that is ok" he approved of the bright parrot like colours & consented to me casting on.  Now I just have to go through the exercise again with very fashion conscience Hugo - Wish me luck!

But honestly - how can you say no to this gorgeous wee man.

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